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Savory MeiZhou Dong Po Sausage (CS) JNK


Must-order dishes in Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant!Your best companion at night~

Meizhou Dongpo Sausage is Sichuan-style sausage, which is one of the best-selling dishes in Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant. After continuous improvement, it has formed its own unique product characteristics.The production process adopts the low-temperature air-drying fermentation process. The production workshop can automatically control the temperature, humidity and the speed of the indoor circulating air, which is hygienic and clean, so that the natural fermentation process is stable and uniform, and the taste and taste of the sausage are guaranteed.The unique sausage seasoning will also add icing on the taste of the sausage. Through the use of spices and seasonings, the bad flavor in the sausage is covered, the taste is improved, and the taste of the sausage is more prominent and perfect.Meizhou Dongpo sausage has excellent selection of materials, advanced technology, unique formula, safety and convenience, and is a treasure among Chinese sausages.