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About Us

Brand Introduction 

Jack & King's is an American ready meal supply brand, affiliated to Galaxy International Global, founded in Georgia in 2017. The founder, JACK, has been engaged in the crawfish trading for 20 years. He is the first person to introduce spicy crawfish in the United States, and he has opened up a precedent for the trade of ready meal in North America. 

KING, represents our clients and consumers, are like God to be served by Jack & King's, and the ultimate purpose for us to pursuit.

Adhering to the value of convenient, delicious, free and affordable food, Jack & King's has released a taste of China series of ready meals that is more than a thousand products, including chopped pepper fish head, spicy crawfish, squirrel fish, kung fu sea bass, lotus root sticks, brown sugar glutinous rice cake, fresh bamboo shoots, fish fillets with pickled mustard green, hairtail rolls, scallops with vermicelli, fortune bag with fish roes, squid skewers, dumplings and fried rice and other products. 

It brings together many restaurants, supermarkets, e-commerce and distributing platforms in North America to join, attracting tens of thousands of ready meal lovers, winning wide reputation and brand influence, and has become the leading brand of ready meals in North America. 


Vision: To provide a more convenient, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle 

Mission: Gather global food and share healthy life 

Values: Adhere to the needs of customers, treat each other with sincerity to achieve respect and love.


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4300 Pleasantdale Rd Suite B, Atlanta, GA 30340
6118 Sheila St (Door 10 11) , Commerce, CA 90040
13125 Merrick Blvd, Queens, NY 11434

Phone : 770-676-9288 Ext: 501

Email: info@ggifoods.com

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