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Recruitment area

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, St. Louis, Houston.

【Take root in the city and its surrounding areas, govern local sales and operations】

Job Responsibilities
1. According to the company's strategy and business direction, formulate phased business objectives, strategies and implementation plans;
2. Through research, visits, and negotiations, expand channels such as supermarkets, restaurants, and wholesale sales;
3. Recruit, coach, and supervise the sales team, improve operational capabilities, and promote business growth in the region;
4. Manage the warehousing and distribution process, improve contract performance and operational efficiency; 5. Participate in the company's brand promotion and promotion work and assist in offline implementation.
job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above (American university is preferred), fluent in Chinese, English, listening, speaking, reading and writing.
2. Have more than 3 years of sales work experience, familiar with the operation process of procurement, sales, warehouse distribution;
3. Excellent team management, business thinking and cost awareness;
4. Familiar with WeChat, video account, facebook, little red book, tiktok and other social media methods.
Hiring HR Manager
Recruitment requirements
1. Human resources, management or related professional degree
2. More than 5-10 years of relevant work experience; fluent in Chinese and English
3. Have a systematic understanding of the human resource management model of the enterprise and rich practical experience
4. Have a deep understanding of each intelligent module of human resource management
5. Familiar with laws, regulations and policies of countries, regions and enterprises on contract management, salary system, employment mechanism, insurance benefits, training, etc.
6. Have strategic and tactical thinking, and have the ability to establish and integrate different work teams
7. Possess the ability to plan and implement
8. Strong motivation, communication, coordination, team leadership, sense of responsibility, strong dedication
Job Responsibilities
1. Participate in the formulation of the annual work plan of the Human Resources Department, including recruitment plans, training plans, employee promotion mechanisms, corporate culture/employee benefits, etc.
2. According to the existing business and development status, count the recruitment needs of each department, formulate job responsibilities, salary system, training plan, assessment plan, and supervise the implementation
3. Coordinating the recruitment work arrangement and completing the recruitment tasks efficiently
4. Responsible for employee relationship maintenance, labor relationship management, and proper handling of daily disputes
5. Coordinate and analyze the movement of personnel in various departments, and improve the employment problem in time
6. Manage attendance, salary distribution, personnel files, employee benefits and other related personnel work
Recruit HR Specialist
Recruitment requirements:
1. Passion for personnel work, human resources, management or related education is preferred
2. More than 1-3 years relevant work experience
3. Familiar with Google Drive, Microsoft Office commonly used office software
4. Have certain Chinese and English writing skills and the ability to deal with problems
5. Cheerful, honest, helpful; rigorous and meticulous in doing things
6. Possess positive communication, feedback and coordination skills
7. Able to work under pressure
Job Responsibilities
1. According to the company's recruitment plan, release recruitment information through all channels, follow up the selection of talents, coordinate and arrange interviews, and complete the recruitment work efficiently
2. Execute the entry process for newcomers, including contract signing, training coordination and follow-up, assessment, file classification and storage, etc.
3. Actively implement and communicate the company's various personnel systems, coordinate the relationship between various departments, and upload and issue timely
4. Make employee attendance reports on a regular basis, organize various personnel data regularly, and report to the superior
5. Assist in organizing corporate culture suggestions, including project activities, annual meetings, cultural and sports activities, etc.
6. Responsible for the management, statistics, maintenance, and other logistics work of enterprise asset allocation
7. Actively complete other post-related work temporarily arranged by the leader
Recruitment Financial Manager
1. Fluent in both Chinese and English
2. Have a degree in finance, and have more than 3 years of work experience in the same position
3. Work carefully, have a sense of responsibility, and have enthusiasm for work.
4. Familiar with basic office software operation.
5. Familiar with Quick Books System
Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for sorting out the daily financial operations of the company
2. Supervise the financial management system and relevant regulations
3. Specify, maintain, and improve company financial management procedures and policies
4. Responsible for the preparation and organization of financial monthly, quarterly and annual budget reports
5. Responsible for the company's overall fund allocation, cost accounting, accounting and analysis
6. Other financial related work
Recruitment Marketing Specialist
job requirements
1. Have more than 2 years of relevant work experience;
2. Bachelor degree or above (experience in the United States is preferred), fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;
3. Be well-organized and logical, and have certain data analysis capabilities;
4. Strong executive ability and strong sense of innovation;


Job Responsibilities

1. Comprehensive research on the target market, potential demand and customer information collection;

2. Assist superiors to formulate market development strategies and promote plans in stages;
3. Writing cooperation letters, online communication visits, and exploring cooperation opportunities;
4. Support and assistance for major public relations or sales activities of the company;
5. Copywriting and Chinese-English translation required for daily publicity;
6. Integration of communication resources, including KOL, influencer, and various local media;
7. Social media platforms such as Instagram, facebook, Xiaohongshu, and tiktok regularly announce and distribute.
Recruitment 108 gourmet big V
Basis for cooperation
1. Have experience in social media operations and a fan base, and be able to independently create, distribute and attract gourmet content. 2. Agree with the Jack Brothers brand and the development direction of prefabricated dishes, and aim to create a total of 1 million fans.


cooperation method

1. Join the company full-time or part-time new media positions
2. Operate new media in overseas markets through project cooperation or agency

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