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Jack &king's Icy Bayberry Juice

Guizhou sweet bayberry has a millennium planting history and has a long-standing reputation. The fruit is purple in color and has a large juice with high polysaccharide content. 20℃, every bite is the taste of red bayberry itself. This product only has water, bayberry and rock sugar, no flavor, coloring, preservatives, fruit juice content > 40%, to achieve the best balance of taste. Babies, pregnant women, and the elderly can drink with confidence.

Southern delicacies, the most popular bayberry.

As a treasure among fruits, bayberry,

It has always been known as "agate in the fruit".

Its taste is unique, sweet and sour,

It is an indispensable "juice bomb" fruit.

The plump flesh column secretes berry-colored juice,

Take a bite, walk between your lips and teeth,

A blend of sweet and sour, surrounded by slight fragrance,

Gives you a moment of peace....

"The jade muscles are half drunk with red millet, and the ink halo is slightly stained with purple clothes."

The ancient pastoral poet Yang Wanli made it clear

The charm of this fiery red fruit.

This summer, this ice bayberry juice from Jack Brothers

Hot all over America,

Inheriting the centuries-old traditional craftsmanship,

Based on the unique formula,

Made with modern industrial technology.

After the bayberry leaves the treetops, it immediately enters the cold storage. After the product goes offline, the whole process of cold chain logistics and transportation, and the whole process of terminal sales is refrigerated. Just to keep the taste on the treetops.

New product pre-order! Arrived in Hong Kong!
common in the U.S. market

380ml, 330ml bayberry juice packaging category

Finally ushered in a new 250ml product again,

Easier to carry and store~

This new product,

The biggest change is to do

No sugar added!

Highlight: sugar substitute

This new product uses a sugar substitute (erythritol) added with sugar alcohols instead of white sugar.

Very low in calories, less than 1 calorie per gram!

And the small capacity of 250ml can really control the heat from the source. You can not only drink fresh ice bayberry juice but also control sugar. Why not do it?

The abundant and sweet juice spreads in the mouth,

Coolness permeates every corner of the body,

Refreshing and greasy, aid digestion,

Everyone is refreshed!