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Jack & kig's Fried Lotus Root Cake

Originated from Hubei, a province of thousands of lakes, the world-famous Honghu lotus root is sliced, wrapped with wheat flour, starch, corn flour, vegetable oil, etc., and fried to shape.

When cooking, directly fry for 3 minutes, until both sides are golden and ready to eat. The finished product is delicious, refreshing, and full of crispness.

The busy lotus diggers drifting in the lotus pond in a small boat is undoubtedly the most beautiful scenery in the Jiangnan water town after the beginning of summer.

At that time, the lotus had no cover to hold the rain, and the lotus root wrapped in black mud in the pond was about to "appear on the stage".

After going through a "baptism" ceremony, the lotus root is freshly baked, the skin is evenly distributed with black pockmarks, the thick and thin, white and fat lotus root joints seem to blow a cool breeze in summer, passing by the ears~

The ancients said: "Cooked lotus root is warm in nature, raw lotus root is cold in nature", and lotus root is a treasure in summer.

The same origin of medicine and food is the true nature of lotus root. Raw use has the effect of cooling blood and dispersing silt, and drinking raw lotus root juice can even relieve hangover 😄; cooked use can benefit blood, stop diarrhea, invigorate the spleen, appetizer, whiten, etc. It can be said that both raw and cooked food are treasures.

The neat fried lotus root food series (lotus balls/lotus cakes/lotus root clips/lotus root strips) has long been deeply rooted in the atmosphere. Although the process is slightly complicated, it is also a must-have skill for the elders in the family, commonly known as: golden partner.

The lotus root is cut into slices of uniform thickness, neither thin nor too thick, neatly wrapped around the disc, stacked for later use, this is the shape of the main material of lotus root cake and lotus root clip: lotus root.

Brother Jack carefully distributes the lotus roots, and selects the most tender and tender first and fourth joints to make 4 types of lotus root products: lotus root sticks/lotus cakes/lotus root clips/lotus balls, and lotus root with Jingchu ground powder is selected to make lotus soup. The majority of North American friends bring the pure and authentic Chinese flavor far away from home!

It can be eaten after simple heating, saves the responsible process, but enjoys the pure flavor, convenient and quick, it is the first choice for you and your family!