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Jack & King's Fish Sausage With Fish Roe & Cuttlefish Ink

Thanks for watching the video of Jack & King's Fish Sausage With Fish Roe & Cuttlefish Ink. Jack & King's, founded in Georgia,United States, in 2017, is the first overseas brand of frozen Chinese food. Through the purchasing of high-quality ingredients directly, the discovering of traditional Chinese cooking techniques, and the introduction of advanced quick-frozen food processing technology and logistics system, devote our all energies on "Taste of China" products. We have launched hundreds of characteristic Chinese cuisine, including Ready to cook, Snacks, Rice/Noodles, Frozen Seafood, Hotpot Tok, these five series. Jack & King's is committed to inheriting the Taste of China and providing more convenient, more authentic, and more beneficial Chinese cuisine to the world to meet the needs of fast pace of life and high-quality delicious food. To view more on the site www.jnkfoods.com