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The stickier the mochi is, the sweeter the life is!

The cold has passed and spring has arrived.

On the occasion of the reincarnation of the twenty-four solar terms, the

The taste of New Year also began to gradually dissipate in the climax of

The new year's goods that were hoarded a few years ago were left to accompany themselves for a few days again.

I don't know if you have any sticky mochi in your New Year's stockpile.

Do you have any sticky mochi?

After all, handmade mochi is such a

traditional and soft winter food.

It is said that the soft and smooth touch that

will directly stimulate areas of the brain associated with emotions and rewards.

And the process of making handmade mochi

It fits perfectly with this tone!

Here, pour the steamed glutinous rice into the porcelain jar
It's time to make mochi while it's hot -

A special wooden stick in each hand.

Around the porcelain jar, the sticky rice is beaten with force.

The white glutinous rice is pounded to pieces and

sticky into a ball.

When it is plucked up, long thin threads start to be pulled out and

The mochi is ready.

Throughout the process of making mochi, the

The fragrance of glutinous rice permeates the air and

The onlookers can't help but salivate.

Are you all a bit excited to

to participate in the desire? 😂

The common shapes we see on the market

There are round, square, bar shape

However, the most suitable for the mouth

is still more bar-shaped.

" The stickier the patties, the sweeter the life "

As the number one brand of prepared food in North America, Jack Brothers has introduced thousands of "authentic Chinese" prepared food products, adhering to the value of convenient, delicious and affordable food.

As a taste of Chinese wisdom and hometown, Jack Brothers is committed to bringing the best and most authentic patties to North American family tables.

Jack Brothers' mochi series "brown sugar mochi" and "handmade mochi" are strictly controlled from the raw materials!

①Black earth glutinous rice

than ordinary glutinous rice brings better rice flavor,

palatability, and nutritional elements are better.

② Brown sugar

Pure sugar cane pressed brown sugar syrup has a strong fragrance of sugar cane.

The sweetness is also very good, mellow and sweet.


The unique process developed in-house to enhance the aroma

without adding any other ingredients.

The two effects of moistening, softening and shaping are guaranteed.

The taste of traditional patties is restored to the maximum.

④ Convenient

Frying at 160 degree Celsius oil temperature without defrosting

Deep fry for 5-6 minutes before serving.

It has the advantages of authentic flavor, convenient storage and easy preparation.

The mochi covered with soybean powder and brown sugar juice emits an attractive luster under the light, while the aroma of glutinous rice that has been fried at high temperatures flows through the air.

Handmade mochi will swell slightly after deep-frying, and the skin is resistance-free crispy on the lip and teeth bite, and the interior is more soft and pulverized.

If you like sweetness, you can add soybean powdered sugar and dip it in brown sugar juice .... Yes, that's the taste! 😜😊