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Jack &king's BBQ Squid Tube Strip


When the night is dark, rolling skewers is definitely a food preference engraved in the genes.

The weather is getting colder, the charcoal fire is beating, and the representative of the delicacies in the skewers: squid skewers are also grilled to an attractive oily sheen.

As soon as the cumin was sprinkled, the aroma was scattered by the flames, and a little chili powder was added to the mouth, and the pleasure brought just drove away the loneliness between the lips and teeth.

Among the hot food, only the squid was left flying alone.

A string of steaming squid skewers is enough to comfort your night time.

Squid Skewers sold by Miankong were put on the shelves of Jack Brothers, and the replenishment was successful.

The raw material of large real squid caught in the deep sea is firm, crisp and not soft, and the size of a palm is rich in protein and various trace elements. It is a rare and high-quality food.

Mix the thick cumin and chili with the sauce while it is hot, spread evenly on the squid meat, and slowly lock the sauce firmly as the temperature rises....

After the outer layer of the squid is heated, the surface shrinks rapidly, exuding transparent oil juice, and the color gradually turns red, and the unique aroma after grilling wafts out.


The oven is accompanied by grease, and there is a sizzling sound, and the saliva can't help it...

Take it out while it is hot, and bite it down. The crispy and tender fragrant bombs have a slight sense of firmness. The cumin particles pop out from time to time when chewing, enriching the taste at once. The Q bombs are fresh and tender, and the sense of satisfaction is overwhelming.

At this moment, the sense of taste failed. Accompanied by a hot charcoal fire, the whole person was immersed in the charm of squid skewers.