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Snakehead (D.Y) fillets with Skin Boneless

Black fish fillet is probably the white moonlight in the hearts of many foodies.

Delicious taste, no fishbone, high protein and low fat, capture the hearts of all foodies......

After all, the production of black fish fillets is really troublesome, and the thinner the cut black fish fillets, the more attention should be paid to knife skills and patience.

The light shadow fish fillet of Jack Brothers, the finished product is crystal clear, it is simply the representative of high-quality black fish fillet——



The ingredients are selected from running water to raise clear water snakehead, which is freshly killed and processed, and the slices are uniform in thickness to ensure that the fish is fresh and has no muddy smell.

The complex sizing process ensures that the fish meat is tender, smooth and refreshing. The fish meat is white and has no fishy smell.

No marinating, no washing, no cutting, the convenience of thawing and cooking, you can successfully eat delicious food after unpacking the bag for 5 minutes, and it is also very suitable for back kitchens to pursue efficiency while taking into account the needs of quality.

Not only is the meat tender, the taste is springy, and it is not easy to rot, but the pure fish fillets have more space to play, and can easily control various cooking techniques.

Whether it is making pickled fish, fish porridge, boiled fish, rattan pepper fish, fish hot pot, stir-fried fish fillets, you can do it!

Look, a thin layer of fish skin is carrying the fish meat, sucking the juice in the rich soup, the fish meat is even meaty, it is really delicious.

It's tender, smooth and fresh, and even the soup wants to be wiped away with bibimbap.

It is even easier and quicker to put in the hot pot. After rinsing for 7 seconds, you can take it out and eat it.

It only takes 7 seconds for the black fish fillet to reach the best taste, the meat is delicate and tender, dipped in pure fragrant chili oil, it is so delicious!

Each dish takes no more than 5 minutes

Be a chef at home

Hurry up! ! !