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Jack &king's Seabass Butterfly

The autumn water is as clear as the sky, and the perch is fat.

The autumn breeze is starting to slow down. After a whole hot summer of "cold drink bombing", sea bass that is easy to digest, moisturizes and nourishes is the best dietary orientation.

Also, from ancient times to the present, the deliciousness of perch has always been praised by people.

Not only is the fish meat white and tender, fragrant, and has no fishy smell; there are few fish bones, and there is only one main bone. After the bone is removed, you don’t need to spit out the bone when eating fish. It is suitable for steaming, braised in soy sauce or stewed soup.

Especially the meat fiber that is hard to forget when you eat it, it is tight and delicate, the taste is soft and tender, and the steamed taste is the best

This big dish needs to be divided into pieces. Not only does it pay attention to knife skills, but the divided sea bass only needs to be marinated and then steamed. It is also very particular about the amount and sequence of seasonings. Therefore, it is known as "Kung Fu" and is widely spread in Guangdong. .


Jack Brothers' "Open-Back Sea Bass" newly launched in North America is definitely the best choice for you to eat sea bass in autumn.

It has been divided in advance, you only need to open the bag and wash it, put it in a fish plate with scallions and ginger and steam it for 10 minutes.

Isn't it super easy and convenient?

The sea bass with a beautiful blade is beautifully presented, delicious and beautiful.

Steaming has released all the fresh aroma, and the meat is more tender. Finally, it is topped with soul sauce, which makes it more delicious when dipped in it.

The taste is delicious, the taste is tender and smooth, and it is in the shape of watercress. It is generous and face-saving when served at the banquet. Both adults and children like it~

Friends who like spicy food can also sprinkle a handful of chili, which complements the green onion, isn't it pretty? 👆😂