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Authentic Sichuan flavor helps North American Chinese food, [Lao Chuan] seasoning invites the catering circle to consult and taste

Everyone in the world knows that Chinese cuisine is extensive and profound, and the eight major cuisines have a variety of flavors on the tip of the tongue.

The world also knows that cooking Chinese food is complicated, and requires the accumulation of skills and experience, painstaking research, and trying five flavors of dishes.

Therefore, how to cook authentic food more conveniently and easily?


In addition to using more convenient ingredients and smarter cooking tools, more importantly, it adopts classic recipes, gathers rich seasonings, is suitable for a variety of dishes and cooking, and has authentic taste and healthy quality "composite seasonings".

It is one of the important achievements of the development of the Chinese food industry since the new century. It can not only greatly relieve the chef's pressure, but also bring a better taste experience.

Facing the rapid growth trend of compound seasonings, Jack Brothers collaborated with well-known seasoning brands in China, and jointly launched the "Lao Chuan" brand to respond to the trend.

"Lao Chuan" focuses on the needs of restaurants, and its main products are handmade spicy hot pot base ingredients, oily spicy peppers, Bobo chicken, large plate chicken, boiled pork slices and other complex seasoning products with rich varieties and authentic tastes, as well as rattan pepper oil and Pixian bean paste , chili noodles and other necessary basic Sichuan products.

old hot pot base
Sichuan Style Braised Seasoning
Seasoned Chilli Noodles
Boiled seasoning series
Compound seasoning

The first batch of more than ten new seasoning products have been launched in the United States in December before the Spring Festival. Restaurants and supermarkets are sincerely invited to consult and taste.

In the North American Chinese food circle, all kinds of Sichuan-style restaurants can be seen everywhere. Sichuan-Chongqing hot pot, Maocai, Chuanchuanxiang and other spicy Sichuan-style delicacies stimulate the taste buds of diners all the time. , and thus created a huge demand for Sichuan-style catering.

Spicy Bobo Chicken Seasoning
Mapo Tofu Seasoning
Fish-flavored shredded pork seasoning

In fact, although most of them operate Sichuan flavor, due to differences in chef experience, uncertain sources of seasoning, and complicated cooking, whether it is hot pot or stir-fried dishes, not to mention the authenticity, the taste will inevitably be out of shape. It is famous for Sichuan flavor characteristics. , in fact, difficult to vice.

The Laochuan brand originates from the tribute to the classic Sichuan and Chongqing cuisines, and adheres to and promotes the belief of authentic Sichuan flavors. Therefore, all peppers, peppercorns, and spices are collected from well-known production areas such as Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, and Yunnan to ensure the appearance, spiciness, and spicy taste. High quality, fragrance, etc. At the same time, strictly control the seasoning formula and processing process to ensure that the taste is consistent and authentic.

Part of the physical map of the product

There are many well-known seasoning brands in the world, including McCormick, Ajinosu, Kraft Heinz, Lee Kum Kee, Haitian, etc., which undoubtedly provide rich seasoning needs for restaurants and home kitchens.

Adhering to the belief of providing authentic Sichuan flavors for overseas Chinese, Lao Chuan will live up to the expectations of the public, stick to good taste, and revitalize Chinese cuisine.

A variety of new products will be launched in North America soon,

For details, please contact Jack & King's !

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