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Romantic Christmas trip: Jack & King's visits the Aurora Capital of the World

Step on the snow-covered trails, breathe the fresh and cold air, listen to the silent snowfall, and immerse yourself in the pure beauty...

Flying more than seven hours, via Seattle,Brother Jack and his team finally landed safely in Fairbanks, the capital of the aurora in the world, waiting to enjoy the snow and ice wonderland of Fairbanks in winter.

(Fairbanks) is the second largest city in Alaska, located 640 kilometers north of Anchorage, 64.5° north latitude, only 208 kilometers away from the Arctic Circle.

The climate belongs to the arctic climate, and the winter is cold and long. There are more than 243 days of clear night sky in a year to watch the northern lights.

The snow-covered winter brings a lot of activities to Fairbanks. We not only chased the fascinating Northern Lights, browsed the amazing ice sculptures, experienced the super exciting dog sledding, Visit Santa and enjoy the warmth of Chena Springs again after a day of adventure...  
We also set up tents and experienced a snow hot pot in the snow at -20°C! The quiet drifting snow matches the smoky soup base, which is not romantic~
Night aurora

After a short rest for one night, it was past ten o'clock when waiting for the day to arrive.

The glow of the sunrise dotted the sky, revealing a piece of silvery blue, which contrasted with the snow on the mountains, showing the unknown beauty of Fairbanks in winter.



Warm and comfortable in the RV

It is well-known for its magical century-old hot springs, exquisite and interesting ice sculpture museums, etc., and has become one of the must-see attractions for almost every visitor to Fairbanks.

So, we experienced the double feeling of "ice and snow on one side and warmth like spring on the other" in the snow-covered and misty hot springs.

Taste an Apple Martini in a beautifully carved ice wine glass at the Ice Sculpture Museum, which is open year-round

Tables and chairs, lamps, wine glasses, etc. are all made of ice 

The colorful lights seem to bring life to the ice sculptures

As night fell, after arriving at the aurora observation camp and settling down, the aurora arrived as promised.

Green, blue, yellow, and white ethereal light bands, like still waves, suspend lightly in the star-studded sky. It feels like being in a dream, which makes people mesmerized!

The aurora borealis is vast and mysterious, which makes people sigh, and suddenly feels that life is small and the universe is infinite.

Under the night sky where the stars and the aurora shine together, I made a good wish, and the day passed quickly.

Snow World

Relaxing travel in winter, the prosperity fades away, leaving only silence.

After a good night's sleep and complete rest, we started to find new fun: ice fishing + sledding, and started to concentrate on "playing with snow"

The snow in Fairbanks seems to fall straight from the sky to the ground along the ladder. The beauty of the snow world may be the incredible fact that everything on the ground is wrapped in white gauze. ——"Hoshino Michio's Dream of the Northland"

 Find a good area for ice fishing

I don’t know if it is accompanied by the mascot Jack Dragon, the ice fishing is also super smooth, and I dazzled eight in one go

"Fish" took the bait!

The "results" of ice fishing

Had a great time, and we popped champagne to celebrate

After dawn, we finished the ice fishing in the freezing cold and took the RV to the place where we went sledding.

The sled dogs are super cute, and they are lined up in twos. The leading dog at the front is responsible for leading the direction, and the sled dogs near the seat are the strongest and most powerful.

Purebred Alaskans with owner

We were divided into two groups and accompanied by the sled driver. The sled flew on the road in the forest, splashing white snowflakes. The process was quite thrilling and fun.

Immediately afterwards, we visited the North Pole Village in Fairbanks by car, which is a fairy-tale Christmas city, and visited the home of Santa Claus.

Santa claus house

In order to create a strong Christmas atmosphere in Santa’s hometown, a huge 16-meter-high Santa Claus statue, 2-meter-high polar bear and elk statues were specially built here...

Many surrounding public facilities also bear the imprint of Christmas, which makes people feel like they are in a fairy tale world

At the end of the day, after playing in the snow outside, our group all had red faces, red hands, and exhaled hot air... Laughing and laughing stringed the ringtones of winter rhyme, also in Fair Banksy walks through the snowy snow.

College style

The day was still slightly bright, and we set off to the University of Alaska Fairbanks (university of Alaska fairbanks), located in the northwest of Fairbanks, established in 1917, is the earliest established in the University of Alaska system, and the largest in Alaska old university.

In addition to simply visiting the campus, the museum of the north in the university is well worth a visit.

The venue here is a beautiful work of art in itself, displaying Aboriginal culture, natural wonders and a large number of wildlife specimens.

The design of this museum also won the 2008 Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award. The academic school with aesthetics is super exciting!

Characteristic arches made from elk antlers

Snow Hot Pot

After staying in Fairbanks for a few days, we seemed to have approached a holy and bright world, and we were infected and attracted unconsciously.

The snow scene outside the window is as beautiful as a painting

Linjiayuan The best local Chinese restaurant

Enter Dongfang Supermarket to buy Jack Brothers brand products!

And a hearty snow hot pot seems to have become what everyone expects.

Jack Brothers has prepared a full range of hot pot delicacies, such as sea duck egg shrimp balls, kung fu fish fillets, shrimp cakes, beef and mutton, etc. prefabricated ingredients, just put them into the gurgling hot pot, and instantly become delicious and tender delicious.

With the special sauce, even in the bitterly cold and sub-zero temperature wooden house, I had a great time eating, almost sweating profusely. Once again, the scene of "ice and fire" was staged, which was very interesting and warm.

The ingredients of Jack Brothers' home are easy to make, and can be opened directly without thawing!The snow hot pot once again perfectly unlocks the new consumption scene of Jack Brothers' ingredients. No matter from the bottom of the pot, the ingredients, or the secret dipping sauce and sesame oil, they are all authentic.

The good times flew by, and the short trip to Fairbanks came to an end.

Whether it is the unique natural scenery or the colorful polar culture, this treasure city has left a deep impression on our group.

The perennial snow cover also makes this land far away from the bustling, have a deeper soul, as if telling the story that happened here, telling the fate with whom...