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Pass it on! To keep out the cold in winter, start with this sour taste~

Taste is the first in food, and sour is the first of the five flavors.

And one of the representatives of sour taste


Nature is especially admired.

Different from the crisp sauerkraut pickled in Northeast China,

Sichuan-Chongqing sauerkraut tastes mainly salty, sour and spicy.
The pickling process and raw materials are more complicated.

In addition to cabbage, it will also be supplemented with ingredients such as pepper and tender ginger.

Add a flavor to your diet.

"Lao Chuan" brand compound seasoning

(Co-produced by Jack Brothers & Sichuan Time-honored Brand)

Two kinds of special sauerkraut seasoning - Laotan sauerkraut/small leaf sauerkraut,

Supplemented with high-quality spices, it is sealed and naturally fermented in altar water.

No preservatives, hot and sour taste, fresh and delicious.

The flavor has continued for more than ten years, and it is really old altar flavor.

Strictly select seasonal green vegetables, soak them in old altar mother water, brew natural color, salty and sour, healthy and delicious pickled vegetables.

Derived from the recipe inherited by Sichuan cuisine masters, the meal is carefully prepared.

Traditional kimchi raw materials are carefully selected by hand and repeatedly cleaned by machinery and equipment, and then supplemented with high-quality spices, which are sealed and naturally fermented in jar water.

Adopt modern science and technology to control temperature and humidity.

Keep the environment of the whole altar area at a constant temperature of 20°C, so that the flavor substances can be produced stably, and delicious food is brewed in the best natural environment! The finished product is golden in color, hot and sour, delicious and appetizing, and it goes well with everything. With one ingredient in hand, you can have it all!

This product is researched and developed in strict accordance with the catering standards. Fresh vegetables are carefully selected, soaked in old altar mother water, combined with traditional fermentation technology and modern production technology, to brew laodan sauerkraut with natural color, salty and sour taste, healthy and delicious.

A vegetable and a meal are all life,

Every spoonful, every dish is love.

Choose high-quality sauerkraut as a condiment,

Give an instant flavor to ordinary life!

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