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Three Treasure Noodle Seasonings are here!

In Chinese food, noodles are a representative delicacy in almost every place.

Whether it is Wuhan hot and dry noodles, or Chongqing hot and sour noodles, Shaanxi cold noodle, Xiangyang beef noodles... A bowl of seemingly ordinary noodles hides the geography, history and culture of various places, as well as the memories of everyone's hometown taste buds.

The compound seasonings under the "Lao Chuan" brand (produced jointly by Jack Brothers & Chuanwei Time-honored Brands) are also being launched in North America one after another. Among them, three types of oily peppercorns/pure sesame sauce/noodle seasoning seasonings fully meet your expectations for noodles. Extracted from pure spices, supplemented with vegetable oil and other preparations.

Spicy peppers
As a common seasoning in pasta, "youpo spicy pepper" is just like its name, and it is a must-have for eye-catching noodles.
It seems that you just need to sprinkle it on the white noodles at will, with a little earthy yellowish, oily red color, and match it with a little green green onion dotted between the noodles, it will start to make people salivate.


This product is researched and developed in strict accordance with the catering standards. It is made from the combination of two vitex, chaotian pepper, and seven-star pepper, and then supplemented with vegetable oil and white sesame. The spicy taste is rich and long-lasting.

Whether it is mixed vegetables or noodles, the charm of this bright red spicy pepper is extremely strong!

The hot air just out of the pot will warm up the chili oil, and spread the rich spicy taste all over the bowl. After the noodles are finished eating, you can completely feel the cluster-like taste layers.

The wonderful aroma surrounds people, and I can't move my mouth at all...

You can also add other seasonings in appropriate amounts according to your personal taste, and mix it into a "soul dipping material" to eat dumplings, buns, and vegetables, you can do it!

Pure Tahini
There is a difference between pure sesame paste and ordinary sesame paste. The raw material of pure sesame paste is only sesame, and the method is more particular. The low heat is not fragrant enough, and it is easy to be too bitter if it is overheated.

This product is developed in strict accordance with catering standards. Selected high-quality sesame seeds are screened and ground to retain the original flavor and color. The finished product is richer than mixed sesame paste, with a longer aroma and excellent quality.

The sauce body of this sesame paste has good fluidity, basically no oil slick, and the sauce body is not easy to break. When making sesame sauce rolls and sesame sugar cakes, it can be used directly without diluting. The taste is very fragrant. Once the bottle cap is opened, the thick The strong sesame flavor will go straight into the throat~

It can also be prepared according to the ratio of 6:4, adding boiling water and stirring until thickened and diluted, adding salt and other preparations, whether it is cooking hot pot dishes, cold dishes, or hot dry noodles, it will not disappoint!

Well, after the alkaline water noodles are mixed with the sesame sauce, the roots are distinct, and they are spinning and jumping between the lips and teeth; the sesame sauce is delicate and rich, with the graininess of ground sesame seeds, full of the charming aroma of nuts...

Sesame oils, seasonings and side dishes are all available, mixed well and rich in layers, shocking your senses. One sip, the rich taste is like a big river rushing towards your face, making your day full of passion~

noodle seasoning
How to enhance and integrate the deliciousness of soup, noodles, and side dishes to make noodles more delicious and attractive is a test of a chef's skills.
But the essence of a bowl of good noodles lies in the fresh and fragrant seasoning at the bottom of the bowl, but it is also an open secret in the catering industry

This noodle seasoning is developed in strict accordance with catering standards. It is made of selected watercress, chili, peppercorns, and rich spices, and has a long taste.

When cooking, you only need to mix the noodles, rice noodles and side dishes in advance, and then pour the seasoning sauce directly.

The bean paste has a strong and mellow flavor, blending with various spices... The noodle soup is covered with fiery red sesame oil, retaining an original and special taste. Gently stir up a few noodles in the mouth, and enjoy the enthusiasm of the lips and teeth.
"Listen to opera and listen to music, eat noodles and soup." Noodles are tasteless, and a bowl of good soup can be used to enhance the flavor.