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How can prepared dishes help make Chinese food better?

The Chinese food industry is the entry-level business for many Chinese after they set foot in the United States, and it is also an important narrative for their immigrants to take root. Today, there are more than 40,000 Chinese restaurants all over the United States, which are related to the food needs of tens of millions of people.

However, under the impact of the epidemic and inflation, the current cost of labor, ingredients and rent in the United States has risen sharply, and catering consumption has also shrunk. Restaurant operations have encountered major challenges, and people who have closed or closed from time to time, and the familiar hometown taste is hard to find... …Faced with a lot of pressure, what should caterers do?

On the seventh day of the Lunar New Year on January 28, "Jack Brothers North American Prepared Vegetables Salon" was grandly held in Atlanta. Dozens of senior industry experts attended. With the theme of "Development of North American Prepared Vegetables Supply Chain", they shared opinions and discussed problems directly. In essence, to seek a way out to solve the pain points of the catering industry.

At the opening of the event, four guests came to the stage to speak respectively, with heavy points of view, insight into the essence, and throwing around.

Maodong Xu, chairman of Fresh2Group Inc, said:
Compared with consumer demand, the restaurant's demand for pre-made dishes is more rigid, because the pursuit of efficiency is the essence of all businesses. In the food supply chain, Sysco, the industry giant, has a wealth of pre-made products and user scale, which proves that pre-made food has already become an indispensable existence of American catering. Accurate production, fast turnover, convenient enjoyment, taste and health and other advantages, no one waits for time, increase integration and development. It is related to the revitalization of the Chinese food industry in the United States. We need a kitchen revolution, and the protagonist is Chinese prepared dishes.

As an Internet platform for the food industry, Fresh² is launching a food intelligent warehouse distribution network, which integrates warehouse and store distribution. The network will build more than 100 physical nodes in the United States, and deploy skynet and ground network in the United States to actively empower suppliers. , so that suppliers have the ability of direct sales network and flexible production, so that food manufacturers and distributors become an Internet company in the food industry, with precise production and fast turnover!

Paul Zhang, founder of Rongcheng Catering Group, said:
From the 1960s to the 1970s, thanks to the strong cold chain logistics, prepared food began to flourish in the United States, and a large number of supply chain giants and chain restaurants were born. Today, China is also beginning to catch up. More and more abundant Chinese food preparations are entering mass catering and households at an unimaginable scale and speed. Obviously, prepared dishes have become an important engine of the Chinese food industry. For this reason, we continue to increase investment in the supply chain, and join hands with professional brands like Jack Brothers to create standards for prepared dishes, establish a new catering culture, and help Chinese restaurants Industry grows.

Among them, the global import and export trading platform we created - Snow Print (Nansha) Prefabricated Vegetables Exhibition and Sales Center, has a large-scale commercial "prefabricated vegetable vertical + horizontal display cabinet", 8 independent areas, used for 8 major cuisines prefabricated vegetable experience, Business negotiation, and cultural exchange promotion. So far, we have given full play to the advantages of Nansha's multi-region superimposition, aiming at "buy the world and sell the world, connect China, and double circulation", focus on the high-quality development of the prepared vegetable industry, and use "two markets" and "two resources" ", build an international trade center for prefabricated vegetables in the RCEP intersection area, and actively expand the international market.

Jack Hwang, the organizer of this salon event, chairman of Galaxy International, and founder of the Jack Brothers brand in the United States, said:
There are many Chinese restaurants in the United States but not strong, especially in the standardization of cooking efficiency and taste of dishes, compared with local restaurants, there is a big gap. Chinese pre-made dishes are derived from standardized and eight major cuisines, which simplify cooking while achieving authentic taste. In terms of operation, it can greatly reduce the dependence on professional chefs, improve the efficiency of serving dishes, and reduce costs comprehensively, and it is an inevitable choice for franchising. It is no exaggeration to say that for most small and medium-sized Chinese food enterprises, Chinese food pre-made dishes are the future!

Wenjun Zhu, co-founder of Laochuan brand in the United States, said:
Sichuan flavor is the leading category in the Chinese food industry. To strengthen Chinese food, we must first strengthen Sichuan flavor.
In the North American Chinese food circle, Sichuan-style restaurants such as Sichuan-Chongqing hot pot, maocai, and Chuan Chuanxiang are very common. In fact, due to differences in chef experience, uncertain sources of seasoning, and complicated cooking, no matter whether it is hot pot or stir-fry Authentic and authentic, the taste may even be out of shape. The famous Sichuan flavor is actually hard to match.

Originating from the inheritance of Sichuan-Chongqing classic cuisine, the American Laochuan brand came into being, and focused on the needs of restaurants. It has launched 30 rich and classic Sichuan-style compound ingredients, including spicy hot pot base, oily pepper, Bobo chicken, and large plate Chicken, boiled pork slices, etc., as well as the necessary basic Sichuan dishes such as rattan pepper oil, Pixian bean paste, and chili noodles, can be described as authentic and authentic. Through the advantage of the supply chain of the Jack Brothers brand, the series of Sichuan flavors of the Lao Chuan brand will surely meet the special needs of American Sichuan-style catering and become an important pole of Chinese prepared dishes.

The wonderful guest speeches were full of dry goods, which attracted the attention of the audience and opened up the conversation for the following forum sessions. Dear guests present, how to combine traditional industries with the Internet? How to make prepared dishes serve mainstream customers across the United States? And other topics to express their views, heavy views frequently.

Tony Zhao Founder of Jingweixuan Catering Group

Yuhua Yang EZ2 go restaurant supplies
David, CEO of North Carolina Red Bowl Restaurant in Atlanta
Tony Liu Chairman of North Carolina New Asia Supermarket
Lin Qichun Chairman of Florida Haicheng Wholesale Company
Founder of Raymond The Juicy Crab
Victor American Ronghua Trading Chairman
Chairman of Shandry Basket Fammer

Goodwin Law baskte fammer CEO

Jason Wu  Austin Meat 

Xian Xu VP of Galaxy International GA Headquarters

Jack Ma Chairman of Maryland Food Wholesale Company

Yi Fuqiang, Operation Director of Zhuge Food Culture Co., Ltd.

Portia Sun GM of Galaxy International LA Branch

Chai Deping, General Manager of Hubei ShineWing Accounting Firm

Wang Jun President of IT Association of Atlanta

Jeff Atlanta Entrepreneurs Association President

Lora Xu Host of this salon event

George Galaxy International Financial Advisor

After the event, Jack Brothers joined hands with the Lao Chuan brand to sign cooperation agreements with a number of companies.

At present, domestic prefabricated dishes have become popular in the eyes of capital. In addition to traditional food companies such as Weizhixiang, Anjing, and Shuanghui, even business giants such as Gree, SF Express, Nongfu Spring, and Country Garden have also entered the game with cross-border investment. It shows the popularity of the prefabricated vegetable track.
In the United States, the Jack Brothers brand took the lead in carrying the banner of Chinese prepared dishes. After three years of category education and market development, it has achieved fruitful results.
At present, the company has invested heavily in GA, NY, and LA, building 40,000-square-foot cold storage and logistics distribution. The products cover five categories: fish, shrimp, meat, prepared dishes, and Sichuan seasonings. There are thousands of SKUs in total, and the channels focus on restaurants. Radiating supermarkets, wholesale, e-commerce, takeaway and other platform customers, the market network covers North America, Australia and Southeast Asia, and has become a veritable "No. 1 brand of Chinese prepared dishes in North America".
As the host of this salon event, Jack Brothers has never stopped, advocating for the American Chinese food industry, and running around for the pre-made dishes to take root in the United States and help the development of restaurants. Among them, there are business thinking and cultural sentiments. We hope that more like-minded catering people will come together to revitalize the development of the Chinese catering industry in the United States and strive to move forward!