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This year's Spring Festival Gala in Yacheng is so joyous!

The Lunar New Year is one of the most important festivals of the year for Asian ethnic groups. Nearly two-thirds of Asian Americans, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Southeast Asian immigrants, have the habit of celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Although today's "New Year taste" seems to be not limited to the New Year custom itself, a series of special rituals are also essential.

On the occasion of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, the second Georgian Chinese Spring Festival Gala, jointly organized by Chinese groups, was grandly opened at the Golden Crown Hotel on the 21st.
There were lights and festoons inside and outside the hotel, tea and wine were poured, and more than 500 people from all walks of life gathered together to celebrate the festive season.
The party was brightly lit, and the guests were all dressed in Chinese red traditional costumes, gathered together to enjoy food and wine, and it was very lively
Dances and songs are staged together, encouraging the New Year to go on a wave
Singing Peking Opera, dancing lions, and traditional folk customs
Allegro book, lottery draw, warm blood to dispel the cold
The atmosphere of the Lunar New Year is everywhere in the Asian city. As an indispensable Chinese community in Atlanta to celebrate the Spring Festival, the "Asian City Spring" Spring Festival Gala also came as scheduled on the 22nd, presenting a wonderful art feast for everyone.
Adhering to the characteristics of previous "Asian City Spring" evening shows, the theme of this year's "Asian City Spring" evening party is still to combine the high artistic level of the program with the festive and lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival. , It also covers the forms that the audience loves to hear and see, which is suitable for all ages. Many well-known singers and popular pop groups will make everyone linger.
In the past two years, due to the epidemic, the annual Spring Festival short gathering has not been easy. So far, the taste of the year is not only the change of the years, but also the bond of family affection, but also the experience on the tip of the tongue, and the taste of hometown.
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As a unique way, the Spring Festival Gala is not only a colorful cultural performance, but also a new custom of the Spring Festival in the Chinese circle.
It records the changes of our times year after year, and also carries the New Year's Eve memory of the new generation, which is worth our slow aftertaste and sigh.

As the saying goes, the New Year is over after the Lantern Festival...

The editor here once again wishes everyone bright lights every day, and everyone is safe! Happy New Year!