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Spicy Cooked Wild Caught Crawfish 908g JNK


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Jack Brothers Crayfish Series With spicy , oily, thirteen-scented and minced garlic flavors, the chef's secret recipe recipes provide you with the most authentic hometown delicacies in the world. At the same time, it is convenient and convenient, and it only takes about 7 minutes to prepare and eat.1.1lb/box of crayfish, about 15~20 pieces, the portion is sufficient, and the meat is full and Q bomb.

Place of shipment: US warehouse (local express service)

聚会小吃的明星菜品,“网红美食”。 本品精选稻田养殖小龙虾,辅以辣椒、花椒、大蒜、八角等十余种配料烹制而成。 包装内容物含熟制小龙虾、调味料包。 此菜色泽鲜亮,虾香浓郁,外壳酥脆,虾肉细嫩,香辣爽口。