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Spicy MeiZhou Dong Po Sausage (CS)


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Must-order dishes in Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant!Your best companion at night~

How to eat

1. Thaw. 2. Wash, cut open the packaging bag, take out the sausage, rinse with clean water;
3. To steam, put the washed sausages into the steamer/steamer and steam for 30 minutes.The savory sausage is placed on the upper layer, and the spicy sausage is placed on the lower layer to prevent the oil juice of the spicy sausage from dripping onto the savory sausage and affecting the taste;
4. Store the steamed sausages in a steamer to keep warm until use.To keep the sausage hot, if it cools, continue heating in the steamer for 10 minutes.Do not heat in the microwave, otherwise the sausage will taste dry;
5. Slice with an oblique knife, cut the sausages of the two flavors into slices about 0.2cm thick, 70 grams of salty and umami flavor, 70 grams of spicy flavor, and put them on a plate.